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student piano tuning lever

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Piano Tuning Lever

The Student Piano Tuning Lever is ideal for the beginning/apprentice piano tuner. The lacquered wood handle has a smooth tapered feel, and is 6" in length. With a stationary stainless steel rod, the overall length of the tuning hammer is 11 inches. Features a standard head and tip (which is inter-changeable--in the future, if needed, you may purchase different length and angle one piece head/tips), which is 2-1/2" long with a 5 degree angle and a #2 star tip. The #2 star tip that is included with this hammer is designed to fit tuning pins with square heads. It will fit tuning pins on virtually all pianos. These professional looking, chrome plated heads and tips are made from tool steel.

Star Tip:
Even though tuning pins have square ends, the star shape permits you to set the tuning hammer in the best position. You want the tuning lever to be positioned nearly vertical or inclining slightly to the right. This is not always possible with piano tuning hammers that have a square opening.

This piano tuning lever is a very good choice for occasional or intermittent use--it is perfect for a piano enthusiast, piano hobbyist, or an apprentice/student piano tuner. If you're tuning your personal piano this is a great hammer. If you're a professional piano tuner/technician, tuning multiple pianos a week/year, you may want to consider a more heavy-duty tuning hammer.

American Made! Our piano tuning supplies are all manufactured in the United States by Schaff Piano Supply, and accurately machined from the finest alloy steels. Schaff parts and tools have been the choice of 'Professional Piano Technicians' since 1884. With globalization and the expansion of the Chinese manufacturing industry, there are a number of inexpensive imported piano tuning supplies showing up on the market today. We cannot express enough however, that "you get what you pay for." The Chinese imported tuning products, are for lack of a better expression, "cheap junk." We've purchased them and reviewed them, and they are of such low quality that they will not stand up over time. Whereas a Schaff tuning lever will last you for decades, these Asian imports will quickly bend, if not break, after a couple uses. The quality of tune you get is also inferior. We cannot tell you how many times we've had customers who first bought inexpensive Asian made tuning supplies, just to turn around and have to buy a quality American made product. We could carry these Chinese tuning products, and make a decent buck selling them in bulk, however we refuse to sell an inferior product to our customers.


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