About Us:

Welcome to Grandpianobench.com

Grandpianobench.com is a second generation, family-run business that believes in the old-fashioned, American small-business values of forming strong relationships with our customers and providing a quality product and experience. We find this to be more important every year that goes by, as the piano bench market is becoming flooded with cheap foreign imports from Southeast Asia, and numerous online stores are popping up looking to make a quick buck and to maximize profits at the expense of their customers. With our decades in business, you can be assured that customer experience has been, and will continue to be our top priority.

What sets Grandpianobench.com apart from the numerous other online stores?:

In additional to the settling fact of buying a product from a business that has been around for years--and will still be around in the future, perhaps our greatest asset is our combined expertise in the music field. As we continue to see, anyone can open an online piano bench store, and have no musical background. Thus, they are willing to sell any product for a profit, without properly reviewing it or being able to provide knowledgeable recommendations. Our staff at Grandpianobench.com has a wide background, including a high school and college piano teacher, a piano tuner/refurbisher, a former rock and jazz musician, and most impressive of all, our owner (and the guy who signs my checks) has a Doctorate in Classical Piano Performance from the University of Arizona. This combined knowledge is used to carefully review all the available piano benches and piano supplies on the market, and offer to you what we believe to be the best products available. We are also here to help guide you through your purchasing process, and answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you for visiting our store, and we look forward to working for and with you for years to come.

-Grandpianobench.com staff