Grand Piano Lamps

All of our grand piano lamps are hand-crafted in Vermont by House of Troy. Made of the finest materials, their lamps are beautiful as well as sturdy, designed specifically for the piano in order to provide proper illumination over an entire music piece.

Grand piano lamps usually clip-on to the sheet music whereas a normal lamp would not shed enough focused light when sitting on a large Grand piano. One of the advantages of the clip-on style grand piano lamp is that the light is directly on top of the music, shining straight down upon it, illuminating the music and the keys. Another advantage is that the lamp is not resting on the piano taking up room, which allows you to put other things on the piano such as metronomes, music books, and other items. Furthermore, these lamps are lightweight and portable, so they can be transported to rehearsals and performances. They also work on music stands, and in any other area that they could be clamped onto

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