Piano Regulating Tool Kit

piano regulating tool kit

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Piano Regulating

This Piano Regulating Tool Kit contains exactly what you need to regulate the action of a piano. Highest quality tools in the market, all are manufactured in the United States. An 8 piece kit with a handy canvas carrying and storage case.

piano regulating tool
The tool kit includes the following:

  • - Combination Tool Handle
  • - Screw Driver, 8" long
  • - Screw Driver, 8" long
  • - Regulating Screwdriver, 7" long
  • - Damper Regulator, Offset
  • - Spoon Bender
  • - Offset Key Spacer
  • - Bent Back Check Regulator

tool handle for piano regulating
Combination Tool Handle
A space and weight saving, multi-purpose handle that fits the entire set of regulating tools. Tools are secured and released by slight turn of compressing nut. Octagon plastic handle, overall tool length is 5".

spoon bender for piano regulating
Spoon Bender:
For ease in adjusting the spoon, the angle of this tool facilitates getting under and around the whippens without removing the piano action. Being 6" long and chrome plated, this spoon bender can be used on direct blow type actions.

offset key spacer
Offset Key Spacer
The offset in this tool makes it easy to reach past the front row of key pins when twisting or bending pins under the sharp keys. 6" long, chrome plated.

bent backcheck regulator
Bent Backcheck Regulator
Used to bend either back check or bridle wire in any direction; shaped so it can be used without taking out the nameboard. Tool is 5" long and nickel plated.

Damper regulator offset angle
Damper Regulator, Offset Angle
Used by inserting between the hammer shanks several notes away from the one to be adjusted. Wire can be bent forward, backward, or to the side, as required. Chrome plated. Offset angle, 7" long.

let off regulator piano
Let Off Regulator, 7"
Chrome plated tool has 5/16" wide opening for turning large regulating screws. 1/8" diameter shank allows for easy access into piano action. 7" long.

piano regulating screw driver
Slotted Screw Driver, 8"
This chrome plated screwdriver has 3/16" diameter shank and 1/4" wide blade.

piano regulating screw driver
Slotted Screw Driver, 8"
This chrome plated screwdriver has 1/4" diameter shank and 5/16" wide blade.


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