Piano Key Sticker Decal Kit and Workbooks

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Piano Keyboard Decal Kit for Students:

Unfortunately the manufacturer has DISCONTINUED production of this Piano Keyboard Decal Kit, and it is no longer available for sale. OUT OF STOCK.

The piano key sticker decal kit is the perfect tool for teaching new piano students the keyboard. 24 removable dry decals for the basic bass and treble clef white keys show the position of the note as it appears on the sheet of music, and gives the name of the note by means of a large letter. These decals are dry-stick/static type that can be removed without leaving any residue after the student is familiar with the keyboard.

Coordinated teaching aids are supplied with the decals to encourage the new student to quickly learn the bass and treble clef notes and keys on the keyboard.

Kit includes:

  • Keyboard Decals
  • Flash cards
  • Lesson book
  • Skill building exercises
  • Fingering chart

  • Piano Keyboard Decals

    piano note stickers

    Apply these keyboard declas to the piano keys, to help children learn the keyboard. A dry peel and stick, static clinging decal, these cling to glossy keys without adhesive. When you no longer need them, they will peel up off the key without leaving a residue.

    Flash Cards:

    47 pocket-size cards. Using these cards helps the beginner to have self-confidence about knowing the location and letter-names of the lines and spaces above and below Middle C and their matching keys on the keyboard.

    An Introduction to Music - Lesson Book

    A well-illustrated, 72 page, self-study book was written on the upper grade school or older level to gradually teach the beginner, who has little or no musical experience, to be able to read music and play a keyboard instrument. The understandable explanations and many review exercises support over 45 increasingly difficult, but familiar songs. Songs include: Round the Mulberry Bush, On Top of Old Smoky, Joy to the World, Over the River and Through the Woods, Silent Night, When the Saints Go Marching In, and Amazing Grace.

    Click Image to see an example page from the workbook


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