Student Piano Tuning Lever – USA Made with Inter-changeable head/tip

The Student Piano Tuning Lever is a high quality, American made piano tuning hammer. What separates it from similar hammers is its ability to inter-change heads and tips. Whereas the gooseneck tuning hammer features a solid, one piece construction, the one piece head/tip combo of this tool can be unscrewed, and replaced with a different head/tip. This allows the tuner to purchase a single lever, and acquire any tips needed other than the standard 5 degree, #2 star tip.

The Student Tuning Hammer features a lacquered wood handle which has a smooth tapered feel, and is 6″ in length. With a stationary stainless steel rod, the overall length of the tuning hammer is 11 inches. Features a standard head and tip, which is 2-1/2″ long with a 5 degree angle and a #2 star tip. The #2 star tip that is included with this hammer is designed to fit tuning pins with square heads. It will fit tuning pins on virtually all pianos. These professional looking, chrome plated heads and tips are made from tool steel.

Tuning tools are like any other tool–quality is key. Our selection of 15 piano tuning hammers are all manufactured in the United States, using high quality materials and craftsmanship. Recently a number of Asian imports have arrived on the market, and they have been nothing but problematic. They break down quickly, with the metal shafts often so thin and weak, they bend during tuning. The connection of the metal to the wood handle often breaks as well. At best, you’ll get a handful of tunings out of these Chinese imports. A large number of our customers are people who are buying a quality USA made tool, after having purchased a cheap Asian product. We recommend spending the money and getting a high quality, long-lasting tuning lever to begin with–it will last you decades if properly taken care of, and save you money in the long run.

Student Piano Tuning Hammer

Student Piano Tuning Lever

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