Piano Tuning Lever with Gooseneck Design – An Economical, Quality Tuning Hammer

Need a quality piano tuning lever at an economical price? Then we suggest the gooseneck piano tuning hammer. Made in the United States, it comes with a star tip (the tip you want for your square tapered pins), 6-1/2″ wood handle and nickel plated shaft. The overall length is 12″. Current price is only $39.99!

Gooseneck Piano Tuning Lever

Gooseneck Piano Tuning Hammer

This gooseneck tuning lever is great for new tuners or for touching up your piano in between tuning . Using this tool, and a couple of our quality piano mutes, will give you the supplies you need to make adjustments. A high quality, economic solution, keep your piano sounding it’s best with this lever!

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