Maestro Duet Adjustable Piano Bench with Music Storage Compartment and High Gloss Finish

Adjustable piano benches have become the most desired piano bench on the market today, but an issue that arises for some customers is that there is a limited number of duet adjustable piano benches, and these benches largely do not come with a music storage compartment. After many requests for such a bench, we proudly introduce the Maestro Deluxe Duet Adjustable Artist Bench with Music Storage Compartment. A high quality imported piano bench, it features a diamond tufted top made out of synthetic leather (vinyl), spade legs, and a high polish finish. Available in walnut, ebony (black), and mahogany.

Maestro Duet Adjustable Piano Bench

One aspect of the bench we very much appreciate are the finished wooden knobs on the side, that raise and lower the adjustable bench from 18.5″ to 21″. Too often, imported benches use plastic knobs that give the bench a cheap look (I compare it to putting plastic rims on a nice car…).
If you are considering a duet piano bench, and need that music storage compartment, we recommend taking a look at the maestro. Attractive, well built, and very reasonably priced, this bench will look great in front of an upright or grand piano.

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