Keyes Impact Piano Tuning Lever – For Upright Pianos

The Keyes Impact Piano Tuning Lever is the ultimate tool for tuning upright pianos. The tool was designed by Otto Keyes, one of the top piano technicians in the United states. The impact tuning hammer has an adjustable sliding weight, which can move to 8 different positions along the handle. The reason for the adjustment, is to relieve excess strain on your shoulder, back and arm. The constant tension and repetitive movement of an outstretched arm in a restricted range using a traditional hammer can lead to fatigue, strain, pain and even repetitive stress injury. The lever weighs 21 ounces and is 11″ overall in length, with a #2 star tip.

Keyes Impact Piano Tuning Lever

Keyes Impact Piano Tuning Lever

Impact-style tuning allows very precise, predictable movements, giving the user precision and accuracy. Impact tuning levers have a counterweight in the handle at the far end from the head. The lever is turned in tiny increments with a flick of the wrist.

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