Heavy Duty Grand Piano Bench Perfect for Schools, Piano Teachers, and Churches

Many piano practice and performance settings require a stronger, more heavy-duty piano bench. Prolonged used of a piano bench, with continued rocking back and forth, loosens the piano legs and throws theĀ  legs out of alignment, damaging and eventually breaking the bench. There is however a solution in the piano bench world– the reinforcement crossbar. The cross-bar secures the legs in place and evenly disperses the weight, making the piano bench overall a much more study structure.

Our Empire Duet Wood Top Piano Bench is an especially heavy duty piano bench, featuring a reinforcement cross-bar and 100% hardwood construction. The bench is ideal for piano teachers, schools, churches, home use, or anywhere a heavier duty bench is needed.

A well built and long last grand piano bench, the music compartment is routed in (meaning that it is inserted into a groove in the wooden frame), instead of stapled like you will find on most imported piano benches. This adds to the benches structural stability, and prolongs the life of the bench. Plus you can you safely store a good amount of sheet music in the compartment, without having to worry about the bottom falling out over time.

Heavy Duty Grand Piano Bench

Heavy Duty Grand Piano Bench - Perfect for Schools, Piano Teachers, Churches

The Empire piano bench features straight tapered legs, which have rubber bumpers on the bottom to protect your floor from damage. The duet has a deep music compartment, measuring 2-3/8″.

Having reviewed this grand piano bench, we think it is a great buy, and an ideal solution for those looking for a stronger, more durable piano bench.

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