GRK Woodmaster Adjustable Artist Bench Review

Designed by GRK (in Ohio), this imported adjustable artist bench is built to their specifications, and offers a great value without sacrificing quality. The adjustable piano bench is 15″ x 22″, and adjusts in height from 18″ to 22″. The tufted upholstered top uses high quality vinyl, and features a full size music storage compartment.  Leg style options are: spade, square, and curved.

Having examined this piano bench, we find it to be a good value for the price ($239.99 with free shipping). It is definitely a step above in terms of quality, compared to the $119.99-$199.99 adjustable piano benches for sale on the market. It’s a solid bench that will hold up, and the vinyl is of good quality. A common complaint, especially with the benches in the lower price range, is that the vinyl has a shiny, plastic look to it–and a result, gives the bench a very cheap appearance. That is not the case with this artist bench.

A final quality of this bench, which we feel significantly adds to its attractiveness, is the wooden knobs used for adjusting the height. Many foreign import piano benches use a plastic, ribbed adjustment knob, which in our opinion makes the bench look cheap. The GRK woodmaster adjustable artist bench uses finished wooden knobs, which compliment the bench nicely.

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