Empire Duet Adjustable Artist Piano Bench Review

We are happy to introduce the Empire Duet Adjustable Artist bench, and after reviewing it, we are extremely impressed. It’s a large duet artist bench (measuring 35″ in width, which is on the larger side of duets, which start at 30″), with a hand-tufted upholstered and heavy duty raising mechanism.

The bench is well made, using high quality materials. The vinyl upholstered top is both thick and attractive (it does not have that cheap shiny look of many of the cheaper imported piano benches) and the wood used for the frame and legs is thick and heavy. The padded top of the piano bench uses a thick foam, which would be comfortable for hours of play.

Empire Black Duet Adjustable Piano Bench

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this adjustable piano bench is its price. Currently on sale for $299.99, I can say with confidence that this is the best deal you will find online for a duet piano bench of this quality. Even at it’s regular price of $399.99, this bench is a steal (and the free shipping is an additional $50+ value). If you are looking for a duet artist bench, this is the one I recommend you get.

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