Adjustable Piano Chair Review – The Ultimate in Comfort for Hours of Practice

For those who spend hours practicing the piano at a time, or who have a bad back, an adjustable piano chair offers the ultimate in comfort and posture support.  The sloped black of the upper part of the chair puts the musician in the correct posture position, alleviating pressure on your lower back. The bench features a padded leatherette (vinyl) top for additional comfort while sitting.

Having played for my entire life–when I practice the piano, I use my piano chair.

We are very impressed with this piano chair, and it is a very welcome addition to the market. Piano chairs have become nearly impossible to find, for the simple reason that they are so much more labor intensive/expensive to make, that it is not financially worthwhile to produce them over piano benches. Furthermore, when you do find a piano chair, it is typically not adjustable (Jansen for instance makes a piano chair, but it does not adjust. 5-10 years ago they did have adjusting chairs, but it became too expensive to make them).  A testament to this, Jansen’s non-adjustable chair is price at $433.35, whereas the Empire adjustable piano chair is currently priced at $264.99.

Adjustable Piano Chair

Adjustable Piano Chair – Satin Ebony Finish

In sum, we highly recommend the Empire Piano Chair. It’s a well built product, and fills a void on the piano bench market today. For those of you who spend long periods of time at the piano and begin to get uncomfortable,  a piano chair may be just what you’re looking for.


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