Piano Tuning Kit – Everything You Need to Tune a Piano, Mutes, Tuning Hammer, Tuning Fork, Temperament Strip

Looking for a complete kit of piano tools to tune your piano? Our piano tuning kit comes with everything you need: piano tuning hammer, piano mutes, temperament strip and a john walker tuning for. High quality, American made tools, the kit contains the most commonly used mutes, and will last a lifetime.

Piano Tuning Kit Includes:

Professional Piano Tuning Hammer with Wood handle:

-6″ Hardwood Handle with a chrome plated stainless steel shaft; total length of 11″ not including the head and tip
-Comes with an interchangeable one piece head and tip
-Standard head and tip is 2-1/2″ long with a 5 degree angle and a #2 star tip.
-The #2 star tip that is included with this hammer is designed to fit tuning pins with square heads. It will fit tuning pins on virtually all pianos

John Walker Tuning Fork: C523.3

John Walker piano tuning forks are known for their quality and superior performance. They produce a pure note (no overtones) with a sustain of 30-60 seconds to ensure accurate tuning. John Walker tuning forks are the highest quality tuning forks on the market today, manufactured for more than 150 years in Sheffield, England, by the Ragg Family.

Made from hardened and tempered blued steel with gilt lettering stamped for the note and frequency. Each tuning fork is approximately 5.5 inches long.

Piano Mute Kit:

- Red Felt Temperament Strip (long felt strip which is poked in between each 2 and/or 3 string group. Used to mute the outer strings of each unison)
- 6″L X 1/2″W (Quantity: 2)
- Rubber Mute with Wire Handle (Quantity: 2)
- 3″L X 3/4″W (Quantity: 4)


Piano Tuning Kit

Complete Piano Tuning Kit with Tuning Hammer, Mutes, John Walker Tuning Fork, and Temperament strip

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